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    Sabin Iqbal

    Sabin has been a journalist for nearly two decades, working with The Gulf Today, Business India & Tehelka. He was the editorial director at Kochi Biennale Foundation.

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    Time to Smile


    In the end, Pinarayi Vijayan smiled.

    In an interview with Tehelka magazine last year, Vijayan had said, "by stubbornness, do you presume that I never…

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    Election 2016: A Cliffhanger in Making As BJP Pushes for First Kerala Win


    All the elections in Kerala have been fought between the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and CPI (M)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF), who have ruled…

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    A Travancore Down Under


    From Mangalore Street you go forward. You take the first turn to Madurai Street; or, go further, you can turn to Lucknow Street. If you drive on, you can get…

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    The Plight of Malayalees Among Gods, Demigods, Superstars and a Super Mouse


    Interesting time, we live in.

    It is a rare confluence of the religious cult, political shenanigans, sexual pervasion, and the many histrionics of the…

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    Why Are Kerala Campuses Silent When JNU Burns?


    Campuses in Kerala are as noisy and clamorous as a covey of evening birds, thanks to politics being an inevitable ‘tiffin item’ for every Malayalee.…

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    The Celebration of Crime


    The gory and disturbing visual of four youngsters beating another to death in broad daylight a few days ago has gone viral. It is there in all smart phones in…

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    The Man Who Held the Mirror


    Before television journalism stooped to become the playing field of the megalomaniacs, shamelessly embracing sleaze and sensationalism, T.N. Gopakumar —…

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    Conditioned to Survive  


    As the crude oil price keeps dropping like Arctic temps, and the talks of a prolonged slump snowballing, an uneasy pall of gloom looms large over the millions…

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    Leaving No Legacy


    T.S. Eliot famously wrote about measuring out life with coffee spoons. We mostly measure past life with sarcophagi, masks and pottery - by means of relics -…