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    Thommen Jose

    Thommen is a communication consultant for the development sector, filmmaker and travel writer based in New Delhi.

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    Lighthouse Tourism: Mind the Steps


    It reminds you of a Grimm tale illustration – red and white striped delectable candy on the outside, lurking peril inside. When a ‘revamped’…

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    Voices From a Growing Town


    I am conscious of flux, of disorder; of annihilation and despair. If this is all, this is worthless. (Virginia Woolf, The Waves) 

    The Master Plan…

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    The Record Keeper


    On the day of the museum’s inauguration in January last year, one of the invitees, a prominent local politician, told Sunny’s wife Josia “This…

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    Discovering Pottekkatt, the Trailblazer Travel Writer


    'Bridge View' was the name I gave my writing room – a rented space in a commercial building by the banks of the canal. It had a unique atmosphere marked…

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    Waking up Vembanad


    Must have been the tempestuous night I started in the morning to a gentle wake. It took a while to collect my bearings: the thatched roof tapered toward the…