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    Manu Remakant

    Manu, a professor of English literature, is also a travel writer and author of four books. He writes a popular blog , Rum, Road, Ravings, and a humor piece `Freekick.'

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    Living to Click a Pic


    A year ago I sat with a tiger in the deep of a jungle.  

    I sat 20 feet away from the beast, and slowly took my camera. The langurs had all stopped…

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    With 56 Children & 7 Wives, Kerala’s Oldest Sexologist Proves His Potions Work


    Malayalees who grew up in 1970s and 80s should be familiar with this little rectangular advertisement in newspapers: M.S. Sarkar Dispensary, cure for low libido,…

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    Ambushed in Silent Valley


    What does a jungle do to human nerves? It allays, soothes, and drapes a cowl of serenity over the racking brain with its long patches of silence interrupted…

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    The Wait of a Lone Goddess


    All she could perhaps see from the mountaintop was a distant glow in the horizon that diluted the night sky. The entire town of Madurai was gutting down steadily,…

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    A Medical Miracle in Travancore You Won’t Find in History Books


    The village shimmered in colors and a delirious commotion. It was the annual Thiruvathira festival in the Bhagavathy temple at Kadakkal…

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    Sun, Sand & Salt Water: My First Drive On The Beach


    “Kerala’s only drive-in beach, the Muzhappilangad beach which stretches across four kilometers of sand where one can drive down the entire length.”

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    Snake Preview


    The deep green curtains on either side of the never-ending forest path are so resilient that they don’t take a break, not even for a moment. Suffocating…

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    Possadi Gumpe: A Wanderer’s Serendipitous Discovery


    Does the name ‘Gumpe’ ring any bells? Believe it or not, this quirky sounding place is right inside our state. Tucked to a corner of Kasargod district,…