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    The Man Who Found Phalke Flims Deserves Phalke Award


    Just as we celebrate characters from history, the historians who preserve them for future generations need to be celebrated too. It is in that context that film buffs are demanding that the Dadasaheb Phalke award, named after the Marathi filmmaker who pioneered film making in India in 1920s, should…

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    No Fears, Says Universal Intelligence!


    Will the dawn of artificial intelligence also mark the beginning of the end of humanity? Stephen Hawking is afraid it may. He thinks it is going to be like the story of the fisherman and the genie. Once released the genie will devour all!

    However, we better get the question answered at the…

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    The Man Who Held the Mirror


    Before television journalism stooped to become the playing field of the megalomaniacs, shamelessly embracing sleaze and sensationalism, T.N. Gopakumar — TNG as he was known — had held a mirror to the Kerala society for a good many years.

    His weekly program, Kannadi, in Asianet…

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    Breaking the Male Bastion


    It is not always that an actor rewrites the narrative of cinema by the sheer force of her talent. Kalpana almost did it by a rare energy, spunk and gaiety she brought on screen. She became endearing to a generation of women who didn’t want to wallow in self-pity and coyness, but wanted to laugh…

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    Leaving No Legacy


    T.S. Eliot famously wrote about measuring out life with coffee spoons. We mostly measure past life with sarcophagi, masks and pottery - by means of relics - and call them our culture.

    Turkey has waged a 'culture war' to bring back to the country the pieces of their history from the famous…

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    A Call to the Righteous


    Ever since I wrote Theekkadal Katanju Thirumadhuram (the fictional biography of the Father of Malayalam Language) I am under no-holds-barred attack from an organization called the Ezhuthassan Samajam, a caste-based outfit falsely claiming to represent the whole of a miniscule community in…

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    A Super Hit That Exposes the Malayalee Mindset


    Films are important cultural texts and echo the secret desires and fantasies, and the dominant ideologies and abiding passions that shape a society. But sometimes they also reveal the underlying hypocrisies, the deeply engrained passions that a land and its people celebrate on the surface, but will…